Training, Qualifications and Workshops

FIFE’s training courses and programs are designed to support people from all disciplines in, or associated with the insurance industry, both general and life; insurance and reinsurance providers, insurance brokers, loss adjusters, and insurance departments in other business sectors. The range of courses is constantly expanding in response to regional market demand.

Furthermore, FIFE supports in preparing regional candidates to secure internationally recognized professional qualifications in Arabic from globally renowned institutional leaders such as, the Chartered Insurance Institute (CII), UK for general insurance; The Institutes (of Insurance), USA for risk management; Life Office Management Association (LOMA), USA for life insurance; and the America’s Health Insurance Plans (AHIP), USA for health insurance via strategic collaborations.

FIFE also facilitates a series of workshops that emphasize on enhancing technical skills and capabilities, corporate governance, enterprise risk management within the Middle East and Africa (MEA) insurance markets. Areas of focus include:

  • Enterprise Risk Management;
  • Insurance regulations;
  • Financial planning;
  • Corporate governance for board members of insurance companies;
  • Ethics for insurance professionals;
  • Compulsory health insurance legislations;
  • Healthcare management, administration and technology; and
  • Medical insurance fraud.

Research and Development

FIFE strongly intends to promote for the public benefit the study and research in the disciplines of insurance and finance education and in all branches of such disciplines and to develop improved methods for the growth and development of insurance and finance industry.

FIFE has established a specific fund for its current initiative, i.e., the fast-growing regional health insurance sector, whereby it intends to engage renowned experts and consultants for a broad range of research and development activity that would result in benefiting all stakeholders within the regional health insurance domain.

Grants and Scholarships

With more and more markets in the Middle East and Africa (MEA) region keen towards developing the insurance and finance sector, the industry regulatory authorities are working towards minimum standard qualifications in order to put professionalism in practice.

As part of its mission, FIFE encourages the regional insurance and finance sector to be equipped with well-trained, qualified and competent personnel. In this endeavor, FIFE grants a number of scholarships for high caliber candidates across the Middle Eastern and African insurance markets for professional certifications as well as university education to fill specific regional skills gaps in order to encourage formation of a skilled and knowledgeable workforce within the region’s insurance and finance industry.

FIFE is currently working to securing partnerships with globally renowned education and training providers to meet the vast demand for quality human capital development in this key and growing insurance and finance sector.

Advocacy Alliances

FIFE’s advocacy alliances consist of several workshops and training initiatives for both service providers and consumers with an objective to stay informed and engaged on the latest developments within the insurance and finance industry.

FIFE also works closely with regulators and industry associations in the Middle East and Africa (MEA) region in a series of public awareness campaigns primarily aimed towards spreading the right message of insurance and its value to the consumers in addition to promoting smart models of buying insurance and managing insurance programs for corporate entities.

Public Awareness

“Taamina” – the little angel of insurance!

FIFE has teamed up with Bahrain-based Taamina Corporation to enhance and develop the public insurance awareness. “Taamina” – the attractive and much loved trademark was an idea created with great enthusiasm to spread the good word of insurance by a visionary set of insurance people, who are determined to fulfill the void of insurance awareness in the Middle East region.

With FIFE’s sponsorship, Taamina Corporation has launched two awareness books – ‘Taamina General Insurance’ and ‘Taamina Medical Insurance’. The simple animated approach adopted by “Taamina” to explain insurance, its principles, its various classes, its benefits, etc. has been greatly welcomed by the insurance industry players, many schools and colleges and the broader Middle Eastern society in general.

Along with its training and consulting offerings, FIFE associates with its clients in spreading insurance awareness via “Taamina” concept.

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